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    propylene Filament yarn - Product Performance
    Our company has developed high-strength polypropylene filament, because of their high strength (strong than 8g / d), anti-aging, acid, light weight, wear-resistant, low thermal conductivity, resistance to seawater corrosion, no moisture absorption, etc., are widely used in the safety belt, flexible container bags, geotextiles, industrial filter cloth, ropes, cables, high-pressure fire hose, conveyor belt, industrial sewing thread, concrete cracking fiber, Peng canvas and other fields, is an alternative to polyester, nylon, Polyethylene, nylon, ideal for new fiber materials.

    Network products use polypropylene yarn
    In recent years, with the continuous progress of contemporary science and technology and industry continue to expand the field of textiles, high-strength polypropylene filament because of its unique economic factors and performance factors in the following industries to be widely used:
    (A) line class


    Polypropylene filament made of high strength polypropylene line, because of its low cost, high strength, anti-aging, wear and resistance to seawater corrosion, flexibility and good features, mainly used in sewing bags, soccer, volleyball, baseball, yo-yo lines, cable lines, nets and lines, shoes, feed line, luggage line, kite line, edge cutter, edge waste, bulk bag private line, sewing thread, tied note line, curtain wire, building wire, construction wire , ribbon cable, toys, wire, umbrella wire line, optical cable around the bar lines, fishing nets, lines and other industries.
    (B) rope class
    Made of high strength polypropylene filament ropes and construction, transportation, agriculture, fishing, sports nets, the breaking strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight safety.
    (C) with class
    Using high-strength polypropylene filament of high strength, light weight, high breaking strength characteristics can be made on a higher safety factor requirements of flexible container bags, seat belts, high-pressure fire hose and agricultural water use with other products.
    (D) cloth
    With high-strength woven geotextile polypropylene filament, for highways, railways, airports, dikes, canals, reservoirs, harbors, and bridges and other projects, ended direct air links with no need to, build cofferdams, drainage and dam fast playing, high efficiency, investment, and good quality, especially in the case of large load bearing, woven geotextile is more than the number of unique non-woven geotextile. Use of its acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, high strength, non-absorbent, light weight, good stability and good filter material strip can be made of high strength polypropylene fabric, mainly used in metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical industry, light industry, food, environmental protection and other industries.
    (E) polypropylene staple fiber
    Polypropylene round, trefoil, triangular short fiber, widely used in cement concrete, paper, sanitary materials.
    The physical properties of polypropylene yarn indicators network
    No. Item Unit Grade Third Grade Products
    A linear density deviation ±% 3.5 4 4.5
    2 linear density CV values ≤% 3.5 4 4.5
    3 Breaking strength ≥ CN / DTEX 6.35 6.17 6.17
    4 intensity CV values ≤ &cent; 12 14 16
    Elongation rate of 5% M ± 4.0
     M ± 5.0 M ± 6.0
    6 Elongation CV value% M ± 4.0
     M ± 5.0 M ± 6.0
    Boiling water shrinkage rate of 7 ≤ &cent; 11 12 13
    8 oil content of 1.0 ± 0.4 1.0 ± 0.5 1.0 ± 0.6

    High-strength polypropylene and polyester, nylon performance comparison

    Nylon polyester polypropylene project the advantages of high-strength polypropylene
    Breaking strength (CN / DTEX) standard state of 5.7 ~ 7.0 7.3 ~ 10.8 7.1 ~ 8.8 ultra-high strength
    Damp 6.7 ~ 9.1 5.7 ~ 7.0 7.1 ~ 8.8 super strong
    Wet and dry strength ratio (%) 100 84 ~ 92 100 non-absorbent intensity of the same wet and dry state
    Buckle strength (CN / DTEX) 10.2 ~ 12.5 12.2 ~ 16.3 12.5 ~ 15.9
    Knot strength (CN / DTEX) 4.9 ~ 5.5 6.1 ~ 7.4 5.1 ~ 6.8
    Elongation (%) Standard condition 7 ~ 17 16 ~ 25 15 ~ 25
    Moist condition 7 7 20 30 15 25
    Rebound Rate (%) (3% elongation) 95 ~ 100 98 ~ 100 90 ~ 100
    Young's modulus (cn / dtex) 100 ~ 180 31 ~ 57 46 ~ 136
    (Kg/nm2) 110 ~ 2000 280 ~ 510 330 ~ 1000
    Proportion of the lightest texture 1.38 1.14 0.91
    Poor poor heat resistance
    Good resistance to sunlight by adding anti-aging poor poor
    Agent significantly improved
    Good bad good acid resistant acid
    Poor good good resistance to alkali-alkali
    Good good poor dyeability and color by adding
    Color masterbatch
    Good very good chemical resistance
    Good very good solvent resistance
    The best wear resistance excellent excellent
    Insect resistance, resistance to fungal very good good mildew resistance to seawater corrosion

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