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    1. Main technical performance indicators of building safety net (GB5725-2009)

    1. Side rope strength ≥7000N

    2. Tendon strength ≤ 3000N

    3. The distance between two adjacent ribs is 750mm≥P≥300mm, and the distance between two adjacent systems is ≤750mm

    4. Impact resistance: 100kg iron ball, impact height 7 meters, continuous net, edge and tether.

    2. Construction safety net specifications

    1. Specification model: P-3×6

    2. Mesh shape and side length: diamond mesh ≤80mm

    3. Weight (per flat net) ≤15kg

    3. Installation and removal of construction safety net

    During installation, the installation plane of the flat screen is parallel to the horizontal plane, and the binding is firm. During installation, it should be firmly bound on the frame pole. It should conform to the principles of convenient knotting, firm connection and easy disassembly.

    When dismantling, pay attention to:

    1. It can be dismantled after the operation in the protected area stops;

    2. Demolition should be carried out under close supervision of relevant personnel.

    3. When dismantling, take relevant fall measures according to site conditions.

    Fourth, the use and maintenance of construction safety net and matters needing attention

    1. The following phenomena must be avoided when using flat screens:

    ① Drag on rough or sharp edges (corners);

    ②There is severe corrosive smoke around the flat screen;

    ③ A large number of welding sparks fall into the flat screen.

    2. The flat screen should be inspected at least once a week during use, and repair or replacement should be carried out in time when the following conditions are found:

    ①Severe deformation or wear;

    ② Fracture or hole;

    ③The tether is loosened and the lap joint is disengaged

    3. The flat screen is allowed to be repaired during use, and the strength after repair is not lower than the strength of the original flat screen, and it can be used only after being inspected by a special person.

    4. The attachments near the flat net should be removed frequently to keep the flat net clean.

    5. The flat net service life is 12 months.

    Construction safety net use: Mainly used to prevent people and objects from falling or to avoid or reduce the damage of falling objects, to protect the safety of workers and pedestrians at heights, and to maintain site cleanliness.

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