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About Us

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide an elite, dynamic dance studio with the highest quality instruction available. We hope to create and maintain a caring positive and professional atmosphere which offers parents and dancers of all ages and levels the ultimate dance studio experience.

Commitment to our Dancers & Parents

To provide top level technically trained instructors who are the finest role models and exemplify outstanding morals, values, character, and integrity.

To provide comprehensive, individual instruction to all our students in order to empower and build self-esteem and confidence.

To provide the finest customer service and gain trust and loyalty from our students and parents.

Studio Information

Kimberly Hoff School of Dance offers two different types of dance programs. First we offer our recreational dance class which includes various dance classes for age 3 to 19 years of age. We also offer a competitive dance team program which is the Clear Lake Rockettes. To participate in the Rockettes program you are required to audition in April, May, or June.

Kimberly Hoff School of Dance is a training facility for all forms of dance with an annual recital in the beginning of June. We offer registration for our classes through January. The studio year begins in September and ends Recital Weekend. Summer Session is June through July. Clear Lake Rockettes begin in August and ends Recital Weekend.


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